Music for Change

Music for Change brings culturally diverse music and dance into the classroom and the community. We run educational workshops, projects, music events and festivals in just about any setting, for all ages. Our school workshops link in closely with the curriculum. Contact our friendly office team for more information. 

Featured project.

Black History Month
Black History Month is an annual celebration to learn about Black history, culture and heritage and it...

Our artists

Alexander D. Great
Storytelling, Singing, Songwriting, Instrumentalists

Storytelling, Dance, Instrumentalists

Bindi Sagoo
Drumming/Percussion, Instrumentalists

Black Voices

Dan Simpson
Storytelling, Creative Writing and Poetry

Daniel James
Songwriting, Creative Writing and Poetry

Danny Ladwa
Singing, Songwriting

Emmanuel Okine
Dance, Drumming/Percussion, Circus Skills & Acrobatics

George Fiawoo
Storytelling, Dance, Drumming/Percussion, Early Years Specialist

'H' Patten
Storytelling, Dance, Drumming/Percussion

Jih-Wen Yeh
Storytelling, Dance

Jorge Santo

Kenny Mangena
Dance, Singing

Kevin Davidson
Singing, Drumming/Percussion, Songwriting, Instrumentalists

Livia Sevier
Singing, Instrumentalists, Early Years Specialist

Lizzy D’Anna
Singing, Instrumentalists, Early Years Specialist

Lucky Moyo
Storytelling, Dance, Singing, Drumming/Percussion, Songwriting

Dance, Circus Skills & Acrobatics

Musa Mboob
Dance, Singing, Drumming/Percussion, Songwriting

Oliver Seager
Singing, Songwriting, Instrumentalists

Seckou Keita
Drumming/Percussion, Instrumentalists

Sujata Banerjee
Storytelling, Dance, Instrumentalists

Surya Turner
Storytelling, Creative Writing and Poetry

Téa Hodzic
Singing, Instrumentalists

Usifu Jalloh

Yiannis Zaronis