Artists & Workshops / Seckou Keita

Art forms

Drumming/Percussion, Instrumentalists

What he does

  • Kora and Drum Presentation
  • West African drum presentation
  • West African drumming workshops
  • Kora Performance

Who for

  • Age 3 years and above
  • Youth and Community groups
  • In Service Training
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Residencies
  • Training Events and conferences
  • Festivals and Events


"Seckou had a lovely engaging manner with the children. He introduced the instruments well and the children learned about the wonderful music. Thanks again."

Carterhatch Juniors, Hadley Wood, Enfield.


Seckou started to perform professionally at festivals in Senegal at the age of seven. By the age of 12, he had formed his own group, Coute Diomboulou, and was performing all over Senegal. Seckou has since has impressed audiences at Womad (Las Palmas and Reading), Glastonbury, Edinburgh Festival, Sacred Music Festival (Ireland) and at the Jazz Café (London) for the Africa night broadcasted by BBC Radio 3 (where he was nominated by audiences for the World Music Award 2001).

This multi-talented artist with a prodigious musical family pedigree represents the emergence of a new generation of African musicians. Seckou has a unique style and consequently is one of the few kora players able to get people out of their chairs and up on their feet dancing! A descendant of the Keita family of Kings from Mali, Seckou is also an outstanding drummer and percussionist.